The Warby Parker Way

I recently had a wonderful experience at the Warby Parker flagship retail store in SoHo’s Cast Iron District. It was my first time at a Warby Parker (WP) store as well as my first time in SoHo.

Brands constantly strive to find creative ways to keep their customers engaged, both online and offline. How do you create a memorable and positive experience for your consumers that reflects your brand’s personality and mission? For some stores, like Nordstrom, this means providing customers excellent customer service and making sure that every shopper feels like a valued customer. WP has to worker even harder to make sure that their customers have a great experience at their flagship store since it is one of their very few retail locations. In their flagship store, WP has a trendy photo booth so casual browsers and customers alike can take home a fun memento. The photo booth also enhances WP’s mission statement by showing customers that buying glasses can be a fun experience. I noticed lots of young kids having a blast with the photo booth and then quickly sharing their photos on Instagram and Snapchat. WP is excellent at maintaining a positive social media presence, and free advertising from fans never hurts. I even tweeted at them to compliment their photo booth idea and someone replied to me.

My only criticism of the WP flagship store is that I would have liked to see more information about one of the main reasons I purchase WP glasses: for every pair of glasses sold, WP produces another pair of glasses and sells them to a person in need for a heavily discounted price. To me, that is one of their competitive advantages over Lenscrafter and Visionworks. Not only do customers pay considerably less money for equally trendy glasses at WP, but they also have an opportunity to support a great cause. Unfortunately, the flagship store does not highlight this part of the WP mission statement.

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