Cannes Lions 2016

Hello, world! Apologies for disappearing – I was busy wrapping up my junior year at Penn and starting my summer marketing internship at Ruckus. More details about my internship to come soon!

In the meantime, I want to share some of my favorite video campaigns from Cannes Lions 2016.

  1. AirbnbLive in the Movies: This highly visual, imaginative campaign that ran during the Oscars invites viewers to picture themselves living anywhere from Mars to Westeros.
  2. PedigreeDog Channel: This campaign was recognized at Cannes for its creative use of screens. First of all, how can anyone not love an ad filled with adorable dogs? Secondly, what a wonderful way to display important information on screens that are normally wasted!
  3. Hyundai Motor GroupGoing Home: Hyundai, a South Korean company, finds a way to show an elderly man from North Korea what his childhood home looks like now. Not only is the campaign a refreshing change from traditional car commercials, but the artistry and effects are fantastic.
  4. People for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsBehind the Leather: Ogilvy & Mather created one of the most powerful advertisements I have ever seen.
    WARNING: This is a very graphic, disturbing ad.